Holistic Tips for Everyday Living:

A Guide for Being on Planet Earth

By Michael R. Basso

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Version 2.0 2010

Copyright © 2010 by Michael R Basso

About the Author

As a lifelong learner and educator, Michael Basso, Jr. holds four advanced degrees and a variety of professional certifications. Dr. Basso has a Ph.D. in professional psychology and biomedical systems; an MS in engineering science, an MBA with a focus in executive leadership and an interdisciplinary Professional Development Diploma in pathophysiology, neural systems, and education. He also holds a BS in electrical engineering as part of his undergraduate accomplishments. Michael is also certified in quality systems and in a variety of health related areas.

Dr. Basso has significant experience as a college level educator at Yale University and the University of Connecticut. His experience also includes being a consultant, researcher, newspaper columnist, engineer and organizational leader. Michael is the president of the CT Holistic Health Association.


Meant for both the layperson and professional, Holistic Tips for Everyday Living brings to light a broad view on both traditional and modern ideas regarding health and wellness.

Wellness is the natural right of everyone and when viewed from a bio/psycho/social perspective, the concept of holistic living emerges in new and innovative ways that make the concept of synergy clear; the whole is more significant than the sum of its parts.

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