What Alice Saw

Copyright 2010 Smashwords edition

Bridget Squires

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The blood seeped slowly from her lip, down her chin and finally resting on her chin until it welled up and dripped onto the floor. One blue eye was looking down while the other, swollen and a deep purple blue color, was merely a slit. The beautiful blond hair that usually fell into her face in a barrage of curls now was matted and tangled. The color ruined by the magenta dried blood that spilled throughout it. The source of all that blood was a bump which was large with the small cut visible easily. His fists had done a job on her and now he lay motionless on the bed. His filthy work clothes were still clinging to his sweaty body, leaving stains on the sheets. The smell of whiskey filling up the small trailer bedroom along with his sweaty musk was overpowering the apple scented candle that flickered weakly in the corner.

She sat there a long time, tears running from the good eye, soaking her torn nightgown. Her wrist was probably broken, considering the strange angle it was contorted in and the swelling that had already started. It wasn't the first time it had been broken. Now it was easy to recognize when it was. The floor was speckled with the blood and as battered as she was, she still sat crying and scrubbing the blood away. The small hand towel tinged pink as it absorbed what it could of the mess. She knew it would stain if left too long, and then he would fly off at her once more. It had to be cleaned immediately or she would become anxious. She always became anxious and had trouble breathing when she knew something wasn't exactly the way he wanted it. She could anticipate the beatings even before they occurred. Everything had a place in his mind, and she made sure everything was perfect. Yet he always found a reason.

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