Any journey in Canyon Country is as much a journey into self as it is into landscape. This new book on Arches is no exception. My appreciation to the following people for accompanying me into the field, sharing stories, and expanding my vision: Arches National Park Chief of Interpretation Diane Allen and Southeast Utah Parks Chief of Interpretation Paul Henderson for taking time out of busy schedules to review my manuscript, ranger Murray Shoemaker for help with Arches’ human history, and Miriam Graham, an enjoyable trail companion and fellow music lover; Brad Wallis, former executive director of Canyonlands Natural History Association, whose friendship, insights, and constant, quiet support I value highly; and US Geological Survey biologist Tim Graham and family, who made a trip into the Arches backcountry the most pleasurable and interesting Labor Day excursion ever. Back home, I am grateful to editor and valued friend Cindy Bohn for helping cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Last, but never least, my appreciation to photographer and publisher Jeff Nicholas, whose creative vision and wonderful spirit is woven into every part of the beautiful book you hold in your hands.





The Arches Region

Geology of the Arches Region

How Arches Form

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