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Get readers to pay attention - write with power -
make your point with a bang

Over 100 strategies for powerful, persuasive writing with impact

Writing instruction from the communication specialists at Precise Edit

Practical, easy-to-understand advice for making your words
shine and get noticed

by David Bowman


Welcome to BANG! Writing with Impact. This writing guide will provide you with strategies for making your words stand out and your readers pay attention. It is a great companion to our Precise Edit Training Manual, 300 Days of Better Writing, and “Writing Tips for a Year,” although each of these writing resources can be used independently.

Who is this book for?

This book is for all writers. A writer is anyone who communicates in writing, not just novelists, journalists, etc. This book is for any person who desires to

  • Change the reader’s mind about a topic,

  • Convince the reader that he or she is right,

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