Of course I am not showing you to the door,” Carisa answered. “I am cleaning and... having conversation with you.” She wiped her hands on her apron and backed away, calmly, deliberately, intent on showing him how his nearness in this tiny kitchen didn't strip her self-control.

Max's low laugh did nothing to settle her stomach or pacify her heightened female senses.

For you.” He raised his hand to her lips, a small bite of bread between two fingers. “The cook is always given the last piece.” A challenge lurked in his smile.

She parted her lips, expression skeptical.


Butter, the scents of pan gallego, woodsy soap and fragrance of his skin created the sweetest, hypnotic perfume. She complied, eyes fixed on him. A muscle in his jaw twitched and she felt the bread on her tongue. She jolted when, instead of withdrawing his fingers, he trailed one across her lower lip.

I should probably apologize in advance,” he whispered, tracing her upper lip.

Carisa somehow managed to swallow the bread without choking. Her heartbeat pulsed beneath his fingertip when she asked, “Apologize for what?”

I want you.” A kiss marked where his finger had been. “Quite desperately in fact.”

Her eyes widened. “D-do you?”

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