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You felt him? What is it, are they close?” Mickey asked hopefully.

Yes, but I don’t think they will come looking for us. I saw him in the elevator as it crashed… …”

And Rose?” Mickey asked, though he feared he already knew the answer.

Rose too.”

At first they both, Mickey and Lynne, tried to keep strong but eventually tears slowly rolled from their cheeks like liquid diamonds and they took each other in a strong supporting hug as they grieved for their loved ones.

9. Cyberboy

Something stirred amongst the pile of twisted metal.

The Doctor rushed towards it and started tossing pieces of debris away with great haste. There was someone alive underneath the rubble and he wanted to excavate her as quickly as possible. As soon as he saw the red strands of hair, he knew it was Annika he had found and she was alive. Within moments she was pulled from the debris and she helped him look for Rose.

It was hard for the Doctor to hide his disappointment, because the longer it would take to find her the smaller the chance would get she would survive. His face lit up immensely when again there was movement in the pile of rubble.

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