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A Delightful Romp Through Regency England. . .

Something Wild

Lady Madeline's first and only London season lasts one month before a family emergency forces her home. The memory of one gentleman remains with her, in particular his face and eyes.

Six years later Lady Madeline has the keeping of her sister's four children. She approaches Lord Baylor, a neighbor, to ask a favor, but with Lord Baylor is the gentleman she remembers from her one, short season; he is now the Earl of Spode. Her wild nature is intrigued.

Robert, the Earl of Spode, immediately recognizes Lady Madeline. She was the lovely young girl with the eyes—big, beautiful green eyes. He hopes to get close to Lady Madeline—and make sure she doesn't disappear from his life again.

Sweet Sauerkraut

Nick, Viscount Wharncliffe, has sold his commission so he can raise his five nephews—hellions all. Deciding he needs a wife, he comes to London where he meets a fellow officer. Major Reese tells Nick he has a sister who loves to cook, and comes with a substantial dowry.

Nick knows this is his prayer answered. He'll woo the girl and wed her with her brother's blessing. She can cook her heart away and fill the bottomless pits of the five little monsters while he uses part of her dowry to continue repairs to the house.

What Nick doesn't count on is falling in love with Beth. His conscience won't allow him to offer for her—the five little beasts would surely see her to an early grave.

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