The Thirteenth Step: The Secret of Becoming a Co-worker with the Higher Power of GOD

By Michael R Basso

Smashwords eBook Edition

eVersion 1.0 – 2010

Printing 1st

Copyright © 2010 by Michael R. Basso


This little book is comprised of three parts. In part one the thirteen steps of spiritual wellbeing are introduced as a guide rather than a book of inflexible rules. These guiding steps were designed to help us to align our own lower physical selves with our higher emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual selves, in concert with a higher power much greater than us.

Parts two and three are in workbook format. Part two consists of a planning and implementing journal designed to help us improve our creations. Part three consists of a series of contemplations designed to remove some of our limitations in becoming a co-worker with the higher power.

Note that this book may be used as a stand alone book or as a companion to the book, Spiritual Medicine: A guide for clinicians, educators and researchers, by the same author.



The 13 Step Program for Spiritual Well Being


21 Day Spiritual Alignment Plan and Diary

Contemplation Journal

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