In Her Dreams…

Do you still love me?” she had to ask, but her heart didn’t want to know if he didn’t.

Half the time I want to throttle you,” he threw up his hands in frustration, “and the other half of the time I want to kiss you senseless.”

Why are you mad at me?” she demanded. “I’m the one stuck in this mess with some cryptic lover who won’t tell me the truth.”

Jordan clenched his fist and counted to ten. The next thing she knew, the whole world was dissolving in a kiss with him. They were sprawled naked on her bed and he was kissing her with a punishing force.

She should have been frightened, but her stomach dropped and her toes curled as she found herself returning his kiss. His lips demanded. His tongue devoured. His teeth nipped painfully at her lips, then soothed with a gentle slide of his tongue. His mouth slid roughly down her throat nipping and soothing while his hands held her wrists close to her sides.

The sudden onslaught was rocking her version of reality. How could he be the villain when he set her body on fire with desire? His mouth found first one breast and then the other sucking hard and taunting her with the brush of teeth against her puckered sensitive nipples. Her body arched up off the bed and she felt herself moisten. The core of her ached to have him inside of her. It was fast and hot and wild and she couldn’t get enough of him.

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