The Crow and the Unicorn

By Trish Lamoree

Dedicated to:

Jonnie’s Crowd

All of the characters in this book are fictitious,

and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead

is purely coincidental.

All Rights Reserved

Copywrite © by Trish Lamoree 2008

In the time of elves, dragons and unicorns, there lived a unicorn more rare than most. Frolic the unicorn did, just like all the others. She danced and played in the moonlight rather than the sun, but she was welcome in the magical circles and honored for her differences. Unlike today’s world, the ancient world accepted the role of those who were different and revered them for the spark their vibrant colors lent to the overall weave of the fabric of life. To the fabric of life, the weavers had added a single Black strand in the shape of a lovely unicorn.

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