Quotations from Readers:

Incredible journey…. Told with passion, insight, doubt, truth, wisdom, and fantasy. And lotsa belly-laugh humor. The Yiddish-Indian interplay was fantastic, and nailed so many cosmic absurdities in so many delicious ways.”

George Ruckert, Professor of Music, MIT

Great book! Jim Kohn's historical novel is a doorway to the world born of the collision of Indian classical music and late sixties hippie culture in Berkeley, CA. The dreams of musical, spiritual and sexual stardom attract hundreds of students. A dozen of the first students take on the herculean task of forming and running an Indian music school. Immersing themselves in sex, drugs and music (raga roll) turned out to be more intense than they first imagined.” 

Frank Southecorvo, musician, composer, teacher, Asheville NC

I happily devoured Jim Kohn's fantastic tale of bliss and doom, having lived through this period of hippiedom ending with the broken 70s. The book captures both the purity of Khansahib's music, and the daily trials and tribulations of his dedicated, rag-tag band of admirers, hangers-on, and very serious students. The school was an oasis of joy, in a sea of discontent. The constant worry of finding money to survive, while trying to sit in a lonely practice room all day, broke many. Jim's book gives us a glimpse into the end of the 60s world of hopes and dreams, clashing with the harsh reality of waking up and not having any coffee to smell.”

Greg Law, former tympanist for 22 years with the Montreal Symphony

Sex, Drugs & Raga-Roll

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