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I Believe I Can Fly, Kimberly Morin

Copyright Kimberly Morin 7-23-2010 Smashwords Edition

I Believe I can Fly: Like a bird I will fly and spread my wings into the sky. My life on earth is a journey of dreams to believe in myself so I will be seen. This is my time to soar up above and fly with the birds a shower of love. This gift of love an angel am I as I save the world one bird at a time. I live for the birds guiding their wings giving them strength for whatever life brings. Life is a journey to what we for see our dreams will come true if we just believe! Jewels: My time on earth was short indeed but I’ve a plan for you to see. My secret lies right where you are don’t give up for you’ll go far. Life is a journey to what we for see the universe gives us what we believe. Don’t give up hope and keep believing for I’ll always love you my mom human being. My mission on earth was to guide you within and give to the courage to have trust again. Our bond was so close a love oh so true but that is the past now it’s time to move through. Look for my signs as I send them to you a light in the night or a sparkling jewel. But always remember that you’re a success money doesn’t matter and here is the test. Whatever makes you happy live life with joy as this is your last life may your past lives rejoice. You’ve learned what you’ve needed and not just from me as your thoughts have planned out what you want it to be. I am your angel I’ll always be here as I watch down upon you with each passing year. You’ve found your way through the secret of life the universe gives you what you pray for each night. Manifest your dreams your goals and hopes too for then you will see the power is you!

Guinevere: A spirit I see a spirit I hear a white ghostly phantom with the name Guinevere. A soft friendly voice and beautiful too she flies in and out to always guide you. Angelic like wings with feathers a glow, she sits on my shoulder wherever I go. Wherever I am she’s always right here, this angel like spirit with the name Guinevere. Saving the World One Bird at a Time! Come for me I wait for you I need your love to help me through. I’m sad, I’m cold I have no friends should I give up? I guess it depends. Please come here to where I am, I pray you want to be my friend. I see your face so clear so pure I know you’re out there of that I am sure. Together we’ll fly far, far away an escape from our pain that has now gone a stray. An angel’s voice sang in my ear, close your eyes and never fear. When my eyes opened my angel did say all of the dreams I’d hoped for one day. I love you forever; forever my life is saving the world one bird at a time! Believe: Timothy Hay and Jiminy Jay friends forever and they would say, “The secret to life is the power to see what you give out you will receive!” Jackson and Jillian: One girl, one boy one life to be with dreams of joy to live happily. Two hearts so true to never part, they knew they were destined right from the start. Together forever content as can be, a life full of memories for the whole world to see. A place to call home forever they’ll stay cuddled together enjoying each day. Up on their perch this family of two, an angel looks down at the dream that came true! Holly: A little bird named Holly led me her way, to give her a home to brighten her days. I saw her sweet eyes, her beauty within I ran fast towards her with a hug and a grin. An inspiring intuition of believing that day will bring us together in the most delightful way. Life with my Holly will brighten my days and give me faith that forever will stay. I know she is coming I just don’t know when, for Holly’s my angel and I’m her best friend!

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