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A Taste For Death Queens

Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

A Bulays and Ghaavn Adventure

The Karshi Imperative Part 4

For Bill Willingham and Vickie Shan

"Ghaavn, who do you trust?" Lady Gerald asked. "Beyond those in this room, that is. We need more."

"Also, handsome, they have to be able to handle the heat." Emar put in.

"Heat?" Ghaavn asked.

"Sex and death, sweet thing. Fighters and lovers." Emar explained succinctly.

"Maybe we'll leave the newlyweds out of it then," Ghaavn suggested.

"Yes, that would be best," said Emar. "They have a role to play, but not in this warrior band.""

Bulays thought for a moment. "Buck. Bulayd. Pira." She cogitated for a few more seconds. "Oh, and the Omega Twins would probably pay to be in."

"Can we trust them, Gerald?" Ghaavn, concerned.

She nodded. "For this, yes, definitely. Emar scares the living daylights out of them, but this trip? They would mow lawns with scissors for a month."

"Besides," said Emar. "They know I'll crush their sweet young throats with my bare hands otherwise," she declared, unabashed.

"Rhogan, Rema, Dargolm, Dahminike." Ghaavn listed.

"Crime families?"

"Yes, Lady G," Bulays supported his choices. "Good at both secrets and staying out of the limelight. Long-put off weddings aside, that is. And if you held interplanetary competitions for sexual confidence, Dargolm and Dahminike would definitely be on the team. Also, they owe us."

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