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The Dog Who Loved The Lord

by Ernest Slyman

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Ernest Slyman

The Dog Who Loved The Lord

"Lucy was a fox terrier," Faye Swanke explained. "She always followed us to church. Lucy always at the church waiting for us. How she got to church before we did we never figured out. It was a mystery, like so much about dogs. Maybe that was what we loved about Lucy. She kept us guessing.

She never barked at the church. She seemed to know that making noises around the church wasn't a good thing. She never jumped up on us when we came to greet us at the church, like she did at home. She didn't even lick our hands or wag her tail. She just laid down in the grass. She'd wait patiently there for the services to end."

"I think Lucy enjoyed going to church. She never tried to follow us into the sanctuary. She seemed content just to wait. She somehow knew how important church was to us."

"After the services, Lucy would sit up. Sniff the air. She understood we'd be coming down the church steps. She liked that and she wagged her tail in anticipation. As well the congregation had become accustomed to seeing her, so it was common to find Lucy being petted. She was popular at the church. There being no other canines around to compete with. She stood out like a sore thumb. Not that she was out of place. Not in the least."

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