This book is also dedicated to the 6,000,000 Jews who perished in the Holocaust. They have been lost, but will never be forgotten.

About the Author Charles Weinblatt, a retired university administrator, is the author of published works of fiction and non-fiction.

Much of Weinblatt's maternal extended family perished in the Holocaust. Great grandparents, great aunts and uncles and many cousins disappeared into the void of Nazi annihilation. These included Rabbis, cantors, professors, and musicians. Family members who escaped from Europe now live in Argentina, Kenya, and the United States. The rest were never heard from again.

Portions of this novel were adapted from the memoirs of the author's mother, Clara Volk Weinblatt, a childhood victim of pogroms against her Russian Jewish village.

Weinblatt currently lives in Sylvania, Ohio with his wife, Fran. They have two grown children, Brian and Lauren. C

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 ~ The Darkness Arrives

Chapter 2 ~ Jacob's Nightmare

Chapter 3 ~ The Nightmare Begins

Chapter 4 ~ Undying Love

Chapter 5 ~ Hanna's Dark History

Chapter 6 ~ The Synagogue Tragedy

Chapter 7 ~ The Hospital

Chapter 8 ~ The Final Solution

Chapter 9 ~ Forced To Leave Home

Chapter 10 ~ Life In The Ghetto

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