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Zero to Stage Hypnotist In 30 Days

The Beginners Guide to Stage Hypnosis

John Cressman, C.Ht., C.I., C.S.H.

Zero to Stage Hypnotist in 30 Days

Published by John Cressman at Smashwords

Copyright © 2010 by John Cressman.

ISBN 978-0-9844087-0-2


This book is dedicated to my mom, Diane, who has always stood by me and who has been the cornerstone of our family. She's always been supportive of my father and all of her children. I truly believe she is the greatest mom ever.

And in memory of, Nicholas Murray and Tanya Murray, who loved life and left behind families who will always love them.


First, I'd like to acknowledge all of the support that I've received from my family, especially my Mom. Thank you for all of the support!

I'd also like to thank Helen Paulus, who has been my friend and mentor for a number of years and who has helped me to expect more of myself.

A big thanks for Geoffrey Ronning, under whom I trained and who continues to give great advice at the Stage Hypnosis Center.

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