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We live in supposedly liberal and free countries, and we are supposedly all free to express our opinions and to tell the truth. Yet we are not allowed to expose the truth, if it varies from the current orthodoxy given out by our governments. Anyone who tries to do so is insulted, abused and treated like a dissident in Communist Russia.

In this timely book, D P Marchessini shines a probing light on some of the illusions that are believed, practised and taught to us today. The shocking truth is that our governments do not even try to act in the best interests of their citizens. Nor do our newspapers tell us the truth. The purpose of this book is to prick the balloons of hypocrisy in our world, and to expose the myths and lies.


We are living in a unique era of history, when the level of hypocrisy throughout the world is unprecedented. Of course, there has been hypocrisy since the beginning of time, but there has also been mockery and shafts of truth which have punctured the hypocrisy. Today, there is no mockery or truth. Everyone believes whatever the government tells them and, indeed, anyone who contradicts the government is attacked and persecuted. This is especially true in the Anglo-Saxon world of the United States and England. No doubt, one of the factors is political correctness, which does not allow either contradiction or mockery. And there is also the proliferation of the media, so that people are bombarded from all sides by lies.

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