Honorable Enemies Rethought

by Poula Anderson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Poula Anderson

A Dominique Flyndry story

A Gender Switch Adventure


The door swung open behind her and a voice murmured gently: 'Good evening, Captain Flyndry.'

She spun around, grabbing for her stun pistol in a wild reflex, and found herself looking down the muzzle of a blaster. Slowly, then, she let her hands fall and stood taut, her eyes searching beyond the weapon, and the slender six-fingered hand that held it, to the tall gaunt body and the sardonically smiling face behind.

The face was humanoid—lean, hawk-nosed, golden-skinned, with brilliant amber eyes under feathery blue brows, and a high crest of shining blue feathers rising from the narrow hairless skull. The being was dressed in the simple white tunic of her people, leaving her clawed avian feet bare, but insignia of rank hung bejeweled around her neck and a cloak like a gush of blood from her wide shoulders.

But they'd all been occupied elsewhere—Flyndry had seen to that. What had slipped up—?

With an effort, Flyndry relaxed and let a wry smile cross her face. Never mind who was to blame; she was trapped in the Merseian chambers and had to think of a way to escape with a whole skin. Her mind whirred with thought. Memory came—this was Aycharaya of Chereion, who had come to join the Merseian embassy only a few days before, presumably on some mission corresponding to Flyndry's.

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