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Bear Hugs

~B.K. Wright~

A Beau to Beau Romance

Copyright 2010-08-01: B.K. Wright

Beau to Beau Books of Male Love

All rights reserved


Included in: Bear Hugs

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Bear Hugs



When Eric spends a day in the park in search of just the right setting for his painting with a romantic flair, he meets a man who is both passionate and charming, and who very quickly wins Eric’s heart. Eric soon realizes that he has never known a love like the love he feels for this man. When this man confesses a desire that he has carried with him for almost half a century, Eric wonders if his own desire for true love may not be the same love that this new man in his life seems to desire. A trip to the homeland of this man of Eric’s desire reveals much more than Eric had expected. Eric now wonders if he may have gotten himself into something he may one day regret.

Book Content:

Eric awoke early today. It was Saturday, a day when many people may have chosen to sleep in, but not Eric. Eric worked for a thriving telecommunications firm during the week, but after work and on the weekends he painted. Eric lived in the perfect house and in the perfect city for the inspiration the artist in him needed. Portland, Oregon, had distinguished itself as an eclectic city where sophisticated and alternative styles coexisted peacefully. Known as the City of Roses, with the most perfect of climates for growing the most perfect of roses, Portland had never failed to provide Eric with a new shade or splash of color that made his paintings practically jump off of the canvass. Eric had found Portland to be rich in culture and very friendly. Eric had moved to Portland from Chicago, thinking that the weather would be much the same, cold and humid in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. But Eric had been wrong. Portland’s climate was quite temperate and with the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, this wonderful city offered Eric what he considered to be the best of both worlds. He loved the beach, but had developed a deep appreciation for hiking and skiing in the mountains, which was something that he could not do in Chicago.

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