101 Hints for Great Self-Leadership

Christopher Walker

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101 Hints for Great Self-Leadership

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt absolute oneness with the world around you? A state when everything became crystal clear and still and all of a sudden you understood the reality that exists in nature in everyday life? It may have been after a yoga class, or walking along the beach or even amongst the beautiful architecture around European cities.

Stillness is real wellness, because your body, in this state is in perfect harmony within itself and with the world around it. For most people it is an accident, a random circumstance they hope for in their daily life. For us, it’s our mastery. We teach stillness, and therefore perfect harmony, within and without.

There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. We are hoping this modern way of presenting this ancient theme will resonate with you, irrespective of your cultural or religious background.

The real goal of self-mastery is the freedom to give without limit, to get ourselves to a state of total contentment so that there is no ‘self ’ to worry us or distract us from our gift to the world.

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