Straight Friends Become Shady Lovers

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2012 Joe Brewster

Revised 2015

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My name is Paige and I want to tell you about a fun thing that happened with a coworker of mine named Kara.

Kara is the kind of open and honest person who is completely herself at all times. She is sweet, sexy, smart, and a little wild. She won’t put up a false front for anybody. I’m blessed to be able to call her my friend.

Being open and honest could have its drawbacks if she used fake “honesty” as an excuse for acting snarky or mean but thank god she’s not at all like that.

On a typical Monday morning the rest of our office might shuffle in like zombies from The Walking Dead, but not Kara. Kara typically bubbles with excitement while sharing details of something riveting like a hot one-night stand.

For instance:

Don’t you just love it when you pick up a guy in a bar and the guy gets it?” Kara asks. “He totally understands that you didn’t wear these particular slutty pumps just because they look pretty, or because they make your legs and ass look hot, or because they show enough toe cleavage to ignite an inferno of lust in his groin--all of which is true but that’s beside the point.

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