The Dixville Volunteers” originally appeared in Backdraft (Cleis Books).

A Place to Skate” originally appeared in Skater Boys (Cleis Books).

From the Bedroom to the Darkroom” first appeared at

The Turn-On Train” appeared in Mandate magazine, and in somewhat different form in Gallery magazine.

The Beach at Nice” originally appeared in Tales of Travelrotica for Gay Men (Alyson Books).

Smashwords Edition

At School

I used to work on a construction site with guy who had a favorite rhyme. It went “Roses are red, and ready for plucking. College girls are cute, and ready for …” He’d always let you fill in the blank. I could do that, but I’d always substitute guys for girls.

There’s just something about a college guy, isn’t there? Sometimes a twink but sometimes not. Old enough to be legal but not always old enough to know better. The stories in this section are all set at schools, where guys can be free to get up to some mischief.

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