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Inspector Doyle Daly Part Three: The Circle

By David Jay Ramsden

Part One: Freedom

Chapter One

Inspector Doyle Daly watched the image on the screen before he turned away quickly when his stomach began to feel like a volcano and his breakfast began to rise towards his throat. He left Collins and ran to the toilet and became violently sick. Doyle leaned against the white porcelain sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes were ringed with dark areas from tiredness and his skin was pale. Daly had seen some pretty bad things in his years on the force but what he had just witnessed was below depraved. It was totally sickening. He splashed his face with cold water then wiped it with the roller towel which he pulled down rather too quickly and hauled the end out. It now hung limply on the floor. Doyle looked at the towel and realized that this case made him feel exactly the same way, limp and empty.

He walked back along the dark, narrow corridor to the small room where Collins waited patiently after pressing the pause button the VCR when Daly made his charge towards the toilets.

“Are you ok?” Collins asked a little sheepishly.

Doyle nodded and wiped his mouth with the back of his massive hand, “I have felt better.” He looked at the screen and at the sickening images again. There were several men gathered around looking at the victim on the bed. Doyle knew without watching this what was going to happen. “How do you look at this filth?”

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