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Bloody Halloween: An Akeldama Story


Published by Ardybooks at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Ardy

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The events in this story take place in Hidden Valley, New Mexico exactly one year before the Vampire uprising described in the novel Akeldama: The Field of Blood and nine years after the events in “Shawn Black: Vampire Hunter.” Both works are available at


The party sucked. Skylar Green had wanted to enjoy it. She’d been looking forward to it for weeks, based on all that she had heard, but Jared Davis’s annual Halloween party had turned out to be exactly the same as every other party she’d attended since moving to this crappy little town: loud music, lots of beer, drugs, obnoxious drunk freshmen trying to grope her. The only difference between this and the other parties she had been dragged to over the past three months was that the drunk and high idiots were wearing costumes. When she saw a six foot tall Winnie the Pooh passed out on Jared Davis’s couch smelling of beer, pot, and vomit, she knew she had had enough.

She looked for her friend Judy, who had been building up the image of this party in her mind since she had visited her home a year ago to check out the college. This was a small community college which had no dorms or campus housing so Skylar had stayed on Judy’s couch in her small apartment which was located above a thrift store. Now Skylar lived in that same apartment, barely large enough for one person, but she liked Judy, she liked the school, and she was happy there, mostly.

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