Furthermore, marked advances in medicine and other health sciences has led man to understand better, the complex functioning of the human body. Unfortunately, nothing good comes easy and nothing useful comes without a price tag. At times, the price is as costly as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The greatest question of all is who pays the price? Is it still he who calls the tune that pays the piper or he can oblige another person to pay in his place?

The University of Buea: To be or not to be?” aims to answer the same question. Created in 1985 as a university centre and becoming a university in 1992, the University of Buea seems to have undertaken a journey but it got stuck on its way and it is finding difficulties getting on its feet again. The book is based on personal experience with a few quotations for better illustration. It is the story of one among many who dares to speak out when many others chose to cry and die in silence. This is obviously not the first writing about the University of Buea and is definitely not going to be the last. In my quest for answers to the many questions that plague my mind and yours regarding this prestigious institution, I have read much, listened to many talk and even observed many in action.

My findings?

No one really wants to take the blame for the state at which things are. The situation is one of accusations and counter accusations including the government, the university administration, the lecturers and auxiliary staff as well as the students. This is another effect of civilization. Man has acquired a so great a self-esteem that he finds it impossible to put himself on the other side of the line- that of the perpetrator. No one is ready to take the blame for anything but everything is going wrong. What exactly is going on?

One hand cannot tie a bundle. This old saying could never be truer than it is for the University of Buea. None of the parties involved can make a university on its own. The government cannot. The administration cannot, and neither can the lecturers nor the students. Everyone must play his own part and in the right way and it all begins with DIALOGUE. Can two walk together unless they agree? Can they truly agree unless they forget about self? That is the picture I am painting in these lines. We all need to acknowledge that we have failed and put the future of this country and our institution before our financial and material needs.

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