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Haymarket: A Sharley Adventure

Peg Lewis

Copyright © 2012 by Peg Lewis

Smashwords edition

For Noah, With Thanks

I waited and waited for Mom’s baby to come. And when she did, I found I had a new best friend.

That lump of a baby was not very interesting, despite the cute ears and toothless mouth and very small toes. She didn’t do anything much, and she needed Mom for all of it, the feeding, the clean pants, the holding while she cried. And she cried a lot.

But my new best friend and I had plenty to do and pretty soon I paid no attention to Mom and Baby Sissy and headed out for adventures with Dad instead.

We had so much fun! We’d go pick blueberries up near the woods. We’d get out our gloves and throw the baseball back and forth, and he showed me how to hold the bat and how to pitch when it was his turn. We drove all the way to the shore and shivered and threw rocks in the water and he showed me how to skip them. On rainy days he sat on my bed and read to me or we took turns, and every night we did another chapter in Lord of the Rings.

Of course my dad went to work most days, but there was time for adventures, too. I could hardly wait till he got home, and when he did, he always threw me into the air a few times, which made my insides jiggle.

Most afternoons we could go out and play baseball for a short time before we needed to come in and start supper. I stood on a chair at the counter while he chopped and stirred. He taught me how to be careful with a knife, so I started cutting the beans into short pieces. I also peeled the onions so he could cut them up, and I stirred the cornbread until the lumps were gone.

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