Sex Shift Operation

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


"Right this way, Ms. Rachel. Please wait here and the surgeons will be right with you."

I sat myself down on the couch, ready to leave my old life behind. Not too long from now, I'm going to be undergoing an operation, where the surgeons will transform my genitals from that of a female's to that of a male's. You might ask why I'm doing this. Well, it's a bit of a crazy and complicated story, but let's just say I was ready for a big change in my life, and a dick between my legs was just the thing I needed. One of my own, I mean, not someone else's.

Ten minutes later, the surgeons came to get me. They brought me into the operating room, where I stripped off my clothes, and sat down on a gyno chair in the center of the room. It's been specifically modified for these operations, and had straps added to keep a patient's body in place. I lifted my legs into the air, spreading them wide to sit on the raised supports, letting them strap me in. One belt just above my breasts, and one around my waist. My arms were similarly strapped-down along the armrests. A belt went over my thighs, another just above the knees, and lastly, around the ankles. I was securely tied down now, only able to move my head and wriggle my hands and feet.

One of the surgeons beside me brought out a mask connected to a gas tank.

"Now just relax, and count backwards from ten."

He placed the mask over me, and before I had gotten to six, I was fast asleep.


When I next opened my eyes, I was still sitting in the gyno chair. For a moment, I was afraid I had awakened too early, but it didn't seem like the surgeons were operating on me anymore. Instead, there were now four new doctors in the room with me: three men and a woman. It seemed like the woman was in charge, directing the other three to various tasks.

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