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Worms of the Earth Reburied

by Roberta E. Howard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Roberta E. Howard

A Bryn Mak Morn story

A Gender Switch Adventure

Chapter One

'Strike in the nails, soldiers, and let our guest see the reality of our good Roman justice!'

The speaker wrapped her purple cloak closer about her powerful frame and settled back into her official chair, much as she might have settled back in her seat at the Circus Maximus to enjoy the clash of gladiatorial swords. Realization of power colored her every move. Whetted pride was necessary to Roman satisfaction, and Titia Sulla was justly proud; for she was military governor of Eboracum and answerable only to the empress of Rome. She was a strongly built woman of medium height, with the hawk-like features of the pure-bred Roman. Now a mocking smile curved her full lips, increasing the arrogance of her haughty aspect. Distinctly military in appearance, she wore the golden-scaled corselet and chased breastplate of her rank, with the short stabbing sword at her belt, and she held on her knee the silvered helmet with its plumed crest. Behind her stood a clump of impassive soldiers with shield and spear--blond titans from the Rhineland.

Before hers was taking place the scene which apparently gave her so much real gratification--a scene common enough wherever stretched the far-flung boundaries of Rome. A rude cross lay flat upon the barren earth and on it was bound a man--half-naked, wild of aspect with her corded limbs, glaring eyes and shock of tangled hair. Her executioners were Roman soldiers, and with heavy hammers they prepared to pin the victim's hands and feet to the wood with iron spikes.

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