What People are Saying about “Holiday in Hot Zone 16”

“Holiday in Hot Zone 16” was first published in Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly (helixsf.com), Issue 8, Spring 2008, where it received a Nebula recommendation and the following reviews:

“But probably the best piece this time around is Clifford W. Dunbar's "Holiday In Hot Zone 16," a brutal satire that targets our easy-chair consumption of horrors around the globe. In "Holiday In Hot Zone 16," a group of tourists fly over a battle between warlords in the U.N. designated hotzone of "Lower Hazmatistan." (And yes, it's a broad satire, as well as a vicious one.) The tourbus includes a couple on honeymoon, a family with small kids, an older couple... and the tourbus driver, who has a shady business on the side. Safe in their shielded bus, 50 feet above the ground, they watch the Donites and the Khaffis slaughter each other with primitive AK-47s and big knives. When the mass murder is over, that's when things get really nasty.”

-- Charlie Jane Anders, i09.com

"This is another timely story that should make people take a closer look at their own attitudes towards some current events."

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