Sister: Marie Louise Cox age 10 (Born 1990)

Mother: Ivy Beryl Cox age 48(Born 1952) (OShea maiden name)

Father: Johnny Paul Cox age 45(Born 1955)

Pet Dog: Trixs (The Devil) Cox age 10(Born 1990)


I have decided to keep an online blog (diary) now that I have got a brand new laptop computer, which my best friend Curly (actual name Michel Butler) kindly got for me on the cheap last weekend. I would get a real diary but if my brother Miller found it he would denounce me as a homo butt plugger on the grounds of the diary being concrete proof (hence why I also could not and never can buy a Take That CD!). I also like the idea that people online can follow where I am going in life, because I think I will be going far! So these accounts of my days are not only for me, but for future generations of Coxs and all those interested in my great adventure through the years to greatness.

Monday 14th August 2000

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