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And now for Breaking Sir Alyn...

“Tell me, Sir Alyn, am I drunk?” As if to emphasize her point, Reia lurched heavily against him.

“Only a little, Your Highness,” Alyn said, bracing her with strong, calloused hands around the waist of her red gown.
“Whatever would I do without you, my tender knight?” Reia asked, stopping a moment to rest her dark hair against Alyn’s soft shoulders. For a knight, he had always been short. But his small frame and weak face had not prevented him from earning a place at her father’s table.

A brave soldier and a flawless knight, Reia could tell that he was uncomfortable with this duty. He was a man made to fight duels, not guard princesses.

Reia was not as drunk as she pretended, a princess could not allow herself to be too foolish. When Alyn offered no response except stony silence, Reia sighed and, lifting her head, resumed the walk back to the palace.

The cobblestones clicked under their feet as they made their way through the darkness. It was late, but Reia didn’t feel drowsy. In fact, she felt strangely alive in the brisk night air as fog rolled down the streets, giving the night a magical feel.

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