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Bill Rayburn

Copyright 2012 by

Bill Rayburn

Smashwords Edition

The boy has little chance of becoming a man.

Tall, gangly and uncoordinated, lacking neither emotional nor physical confidence, basic human goals appear out of his reach.

Father deserted mother while he was fed from within. She has used his young presence as a wedge to prop open the rapidly closing door of her choices. Unhappy on levels she will never fathom, she has nonetheless plowed through the decaying thickness of her life, using him for what little comfort she is able to derive from a life that has always been a losing proposition.

Unwittingly, she has taught him that the vehicle of control is driven by manipulation. In fact, most of what she has passed along has been unwitting. Inner conflicts, emotional baggage, psychological ineptitude, all have been transferred to him as directly, and as unconsciously, as she nourished him in her womb.

An invidious IV, delivered through the senses, with a potential to destroy, not nourish.

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