Billionaire Sex Party

(Rough Sex With Billionaires)

by Patsy Highsmith

Copyright 2012 by Patsy Highsmith

Published at Smashwords

They're all billionaires. They meet once a month and just fuck like crazy. And if you're lucky enough to get invited, you can make a ton of money. I'm talking about ten thousand bucks once the party's over. I finally got the chance to invite someone. This is your lucky day, babe!”

Sarah gave a non-committal shrug. “It's not really my style, Meredith. Why don't you invite someone from work?”

"Because you're my friend and they're not. Come on! It's the chance of a lifetime! When else are you going to get the chance to earn ten thousand bucks in one night?"

"I'm not a prostitute, Meredith," Sarah said.

"It's not prostitution… It's entertainment. You just happen to be entertaining a group of very rich men... with your body."

"Entertaining men is what you do, Meredith," Sarah said. "I'm a receptionist, not a stripper."

"You're a receptionist that never has any fun – or any money."

Sarah sighed. "All right, fine. Fine. I'll give it a shot. But if I don't like it, I'm leaving."

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