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How to Fuck Your Dragon

by Elise Artez

Copyright 2012 Elise Artez

Smashwords Edition

Content Warning

The content in this book is intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit language and graphic depictions of sexual activity. By purchasing this book you agree that you are of a legal, consenting age to read the content herein.

How to Fuck Your Dragon

Draconus spared a bored look for the woman chained to his wall.

She was… acceptable. Young. Nubile. Fresh-faced and wide-eyed. Certainly a virgin as promised, judging from the unending mewling punctuated by the occasional scream.

And to think, he’d hardly touched the simpering thing. He was in his full dragon form when he discovered her oh-so-rudely placed in his cave like a new bit of furniture. Chained haphazardly, hanging like a piece of meat in a butcher’s window. She had screamed when she saw him. And screamed. And screamed some more. Even when he shifted down she kept on until her throat grew hoarse.

So much for a quiet evening. But at least her voice was mostly gone now. Either that or she realized the screaming would do no good. Her people had carried her, likely kicking and screaming, all the way up the cliffs. They had chained her up and offered her as a sacrifice.

For what this time, he wondered.

He sighed, looking about the jagged splay of the cave’s interior. “Did your keepers leave you with a note, little bird?”

She said nothing, trembling at the very idea that he had decided to speak, apparently. But her eyes betrayed the location and he noticed a small note nailed to the wall near her. He retrieved it, long fingers quickly ripping the parchment from its fixture.

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