The Smoldering Man

Nicholas May

Copyright 2012 by Nicholas May

Smashwords Edition

I dedicate this book to my children, who not only love a scary story, but support me 100% and believe that I'm already a star, whether my bank account says so or not. Their pure, unconditional love and support gets me through the times I struggle with doubts of my ability. They remind me, because I can see the magic in their eyes when they read my stories. Thank you Goombas, I love you!

I would also like to thank the creators of Ommwriter, which helped me immensely in shutting out the distractions that can spell doom for any writer. Check them out at and discover how to get rid of the distractions that are keeping you from unleashing the stories that haunt you at night, like this one did to me.

The village in this story is real, however the characters and events are completely fictional. If you ever find yourself in Santa Catarina de Lachatao, enjoy the beauty without fear of my crazy imagination. It is truly a wondrous place to visit.


Friends around the fire

"Holy shit, Eric." Titus said, "You are such an idiot, dude."

Every one laughed, except Eric of course, who looked wounded that his story didn’t go over very well. His girlfriend Molina, sitting in the camping chair to his right, grabbed his hand and squeezed gently. An "It's ok, don’t sweat it." squeeze. Titus, sitting to the left of Eric, laughed the loudest, and his girlfriend Anecia nudged him, and looked at Eric apologetically.

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