Avow: A Last Selkie Short Story

Elizabeth A Reeves

© 2012 Elizabeth A Reeves

Smashwords Edition

Cover photo egorr at depositphotos.com

Ethan Tanner sat in his car, staring blankly out of the windshield.

He didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings, he just sat, listening to his mind go around and around without stopping.

Ethan dropped his head in his hands, his fingers tugging at his thick, wiry, blond hair. His finger dug deeper, brushing against his scalp. He sat up, looking into the rear-view mirror, trying to see anything weird, anything wrong at all.

From the outside he looked perfect, like any other healthy twenty year old with a full life ahead of him. College, marriage, a family, everything that a child bounced from one foster home to another his whole life craved, all of that should have been in his future.

One year,” Ethan whispered. “One year.”

He closed his eyes against the overwhelming flood of hopelessness.

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