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Author’s Note

The original Love 101 was written on a whim. I had just completed Teach Me To Love and was yearning another salacious teacher romance with pizzazz. Cheyenne and Evan’s story came to light but unfortunately back when I originally wrote this story there was no end of the tunnel. I could never see the ending and it took a couple of years before that time came when their entire story came to fruition.

Included in this story you will meet an interesting couple – to say the least: The Lotts. Their story actually begins in the book titled Mistaken Identity, continues in Secret, Lies & Family Ties and then also in Sex Weed.

If you did not read the original version of Love 101, it’s here in the prologue so you don’t have to go and buy the first part. If you have read it then just jump to Chapter 1 and began the journey of Cheyenne and Evan’s wonderful story.

As always, I appreciate your support to my independent literary endeavors and I hope I can give you much much more.

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