Now it is spring and I am looking forward to Spring Break. I never go anywhere during that time, but having a week off from my classes will be a nice respite before finals arrive. I hadn’t seen a ghost since all this time and was beginning to think that maybe I was done with talking to them. Perhaps now I could just have a normal life. I should have known better.

A few days before Spring Break, Greg and I were enjoying a romantic evening alone in my apartment. Jackie had gone out for the night. She’s very good at being scarce when Greg and I wanted to be alone. We had just finished a movie on TV and had just started kissing when—

“Oh, that is disgusting,” said a voice, “Get a room you two.”

Both Greg and I looked up. A young man stood in the far corner of the room watching us. He looked about eighteen and wore a button up shirt with high-water pants. He also had on a puke green sweater vest. The big square glasses he wore added to his geeky appearance. This guy had “nerd” written all over him.

Oh no, I thought to myself. Not this again. Sure enough, just when things got back to normal, that is when anything but normal strikes.

“Look,” said the kid, “I need your help.”

“Let me guess,” I replied, “You were murdered.”

“How’d you know?” asked the kid.

“Lucky guess.” I was being sarcastic, somewhat.

“We’re not alone are we?” asked Greg. “I can hear a man’s voice.”

“You know hearing voices isn’t a good sign,” said the ghost, “It could be an onset of some kind of psychosis. You might want to get that looked at. I can recommend a good psychiatrist.”

Yep, total nerd. “The only voice he is hearing is yours,” I said.

“Oh.” The guy looked at his feet a moment before continuing. “Look, I hear that you are good at helping us spirits solve our own problems.”

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