Ken Greenwalt

Copyright 2012


I am indebted to Ann Jones for her editing efforts and faithful support in this project. I’d also like to give a thank you to Kali Rose for her continued interest and encouragement to a fellow writer.


The foal Bravo was born the same night Pa’s life was snatched away. We were in the barn that night, sitting quietly in the straw with Beatrice, an expectant thoroughbred mare. Pa and I were there if she needed us, but she did fine; the youngster’s front hooves appeared first and long after sundown she delivered a perfect foal.

We watched the newborn learn to stand on wobbly legs and we talked about what to name him.

It was Pa’s suggestion to call him Bravo. “He’s going to earn a great deal of applause,” he grinned.

I rolled my eyes.

“I like the name Bravo,” I told him, “But let’s keep the applause part just between us.”

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