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It was 1:27 pm. I wasn’t doing anything so I figured I’d go to the bank and cash my check. I hate that I procrastinate so much, and in this instance, it really caught up to me. I got to the bank, and noticed almost all of the spots were taken except for the ones far in the back away from the bank. I parked and was looking for my license, when I saw a group of people about six cars down. They looked like regular people, nothing seemed to wrong with them, but they were constantly looking around. I leaned back in my seat, hoping to avoid their glances. I don’t know who I thought I was watching these people, or why I was doing, but I continued, nonetheless. I watched as one of them walked around to the front seat of the van they were standing in front of, and he opened the door and grabbed a large thin roll of paper. Another one of the people then opened up the back of the van. The first person put down the roll on the opened trunk of the van and began to unroll it. He would point to certain spots at the bank, then point back to places on the piece of paper. I didn’t know what they were doing at first, but I eventually caught on. “Holy crap,” I said to myself. “They are going to rob the bank.” I then realized how ridiculous this sounded. They were most likely doing building work, or they were the managers or something of that nature. I brushed off the fact that I was making ridiculous assumptions in my head and I got out of my car, and began to walk towards the bank. When I began to walk past the van they were crowded around, I saw one of them climb in the back of the van and grab a few big empty duffle bags. I darted behind a car. That was probably a coincidence. They were not robbing the bank. I was just seeing what I wanted to. I continued to stay behind this car, and watch through the windows. The man who had thrown down the duffle bags then proceeded to grab what looked like ski masks out of one of the duffle bags. “Oh my God,” I muttered to myself. I could not believe this was happening. What was I supposed to do? This was not something people tell you how to deal with. My first instinct was to run into the bank and alert the people in there what was happening, but no one would believe me, is that their fault thought? I was totally over thinking the situation. Or was I? I mean I was the only person who knew about this possible bank heist. I had no idea, if I was the only person or not. I looked around, and no one else seemed to notice what was going on, there was only a few people anyway no one really stopped and looked like I did. I acted on instinct. It probably was not the correct instinct. I rushed past the cars and jolted into the bank.

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