EZ Guides: Duos - HALO Reach and PORTAL 2 Full Walkthrough Guides

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HALO: Reach Walkthrough Guide

PORTAL 2 Walkthrough Guide


EZ Guides: Duos - HALO Reach and PORTAL 2 Full Walkthrough Guides takes you safely through the entire single player mode of two of the hottest, out of this world first person shooters.

HALO Reach is the prequel to the original HALO. Set on Reach, the last colony between Covenant and Earth, it works as the UNSC's main military hub. Having been discovered by the Covenant, it falls to you, Noble 6, and your team to take on the ruthless enemies and protect Reach from the Covenant.

Portal 2 is set years after the events of the original Portal and allows you to step into the boots of Chell. The Aperture Science Laboratories have deteriorated, nature having take over, but GlaDOS reawakens and accuses you of attempted murder. As you begin to explore never-before-seen areas of the Labs, you will meet a plethora of new characters and find yourself having to reconsider all you thought you knew of the portals.

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