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Chapter One – Going Vegetarian4

Chapter Two – Cold-Blooded Killers36

Chapter Three – The Root of All Evil74

Chapter Four – Singhe–ing For Your Supper115

Chapter Five – Hare Raid163

Chapter Six – Warrens of the Mind233


Chapter One

Going Vegetarian

I hated having to go into town, but it was something that simply could not be avoided. My forays were not really made just for the purpose of picking up supplies or for getting the mail—these could easily have been delivered if necessary. What I really needed in town was human contact, an opportunity to exchange Good Mornings with strangers and wave at little kids; a chance, in short, to oil my rusty social skills.

Being around people gave me no great pleasure, mind you. Far from it! In fact, to be quite frank, I would much rather have practiced hitting myself over the head with a golf club or grinding my front teeth down to nubs on an eight–inch bench grinder. Neither of these exercises, however, would have accomplished the purpose at hand. I had to work very hard at staying in contact with my fellow humans lest the barriers become too much for me to overcome. For me to skip a twice–weekly town trip would be just exactly akin to a recovering alcoholic missing his first AA meeting. So resignedly I got out of my car in front of the post office, my initial stop. As usual, the asphalt had been baking all day under the hot southern sun and I, as I set foot on the pavement, I half-imagined that I could scent the fur on my hind paws smoldering in the sudden heat.

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