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Hey! Romantic Vampire. Stop it.

Vampire Man

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Vampire Man

Disclaimer:All the names used in this fiction are not meant for real guys or incorps. Their use, if you find similarity, are purely dental and coincidental.

  • Note:- Vampire Man is the author of this book.

  • Romantic Vampire: is the subject and object of this book.

This story is meant to be read by the most enigmatic, charming, inaccessible Romantic Vampire who can be found on all the bestseller lists.

But I was really unable to get access to him. He is really busy. I Didn’t have the budget to photoshoot him or buy his photograph. So I apologise for the blank covers, unlike his which have various poses of his with his maidens.

Before I start I shall just give few bits and pieces, because that’s what is left, about me. I was an aspiring writer, and I am still aspiring . The reason is Mr. Romantic Vampire- the subject of many bestsellers. On all bookshelves I found books filled with Vampire romancing explicitly as men or men romancing explicitly as vampires. Every single book seemed to carry the tags and titles, just a minute I have noted it-

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