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Vamps don’t get a day of rest. Or so it seems to Lexi Jackson, especially when a new predator comes at her, and this time, he’s hitting close to home. With her best friend Mel’s transformation approaching quickly, Lexi must gather those she trusts to face the enemy from her own bloodline.

But when there’s a kink in your front line, when your relationships are rocked to the core, how do you face the threat with confidence? Lexi can’t, which forces new protectors to step forward, and old insecurities to eat away at Kellan.

Kellan’s fought hard for his fiancé in the past, but with others continually intruding on his territory, his anger is brewing. With a lot to prove and more to work through, he unites forces with several power players in the vamp world creating his own attack unit. It’s his place to protect his fiancé, not anyone else’s.

With the enemy closing in on them, will Lexi and her friends be able to put aside their differences in time to defeat the newest legion of discontented vamps together?

Will Kellan and Lexi’s personal struggles chip away at the foundation of their relationship, causing all to crumble, including the prophecy?

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