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The Politics Of


Adam Wasserman

First Edition, June 2006

Copyright 2006 by Adam Wasserman

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Part I

In a large, fortified building on the outskirts of one of their most prestigious cities, the three most important personages of Oceania would come together and make their decisions. Yes, that's right, three. It was a rather dull building, or so it would appear from the outside, the color of concrete and the occasional darkened window. As far as anyone could tell it was a single complex, although it was huge, massive, and sprawled chaotically across the cement lot on which it was perched. The entire place was surrounded by menacing electrified fencing and there were gateposts manned by creatures that appeared to be human, although it was difficult to say for sure. They all wore thick dark clothing and helmets and sunglasses and did not speak unless it was to roughly bark an order. The consumers of Oceania were hardly permitted a glimpse of this building, although occasionally they saw pictures of it in the news, and always in the far distance.

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