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The Elites

Yusun Beck

Copyright 2010 by Yusun Beck

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One: The Normal Days

Inside Williamstown, a city in NJ, a house at the edge of Robin Lane sits next to a row of other houses. This development is known as Monroe Village. Each house is mid-suburban size made with a wood frame, insulation, sheet rock, chip board, tar paper, and vinyl siding. There are no bushes in front of the house. Upon the ground, a few shrubs lay at the side of the drive ways. There is also a bush at the corner of the house. The house has a single door garage and an A frame roof. Walking up the small two-car driveway, one can see the entranceway, the flower bed of roses in front of the two floor house and the front four feet by five feet bedroom window and the four feet by five feet living room window. The front door upon the six feet by four feet entrance way at the end of driveway is a regular rag tag steel door.

Once inside the house, there is a very small foyer. To the right is the living room with a single four person couch against the wall opposite of the door, a lamp with a stand sits to the left of the couch, in the center of the room is a brick fire place, and to the right of the fire place is a forty-inch plasma flat screen TV. There is a pioneer six speaker stereo system with DVD player, VCR player, tape player, CD player, record player, and a loud subwoofer. To the left of the foyer are brown carpeted steps leading upstairs.

At the end of the foyer is a frame way leading into the kitchen, a door connecting the garage, and two closets to the left of the foyer underneath the stairs. Towards the back of the house is a kitchen. Inside the kitchen is a dining room table in front of the window on the back of the house, above the table is an adjustable light with lots of dust collected upon it. To the right of the table is an office room with a computer desk, a computer, an executive leather chair, and a sliding glass door that leads out to the pool room with bathroom, hot tub and underground pool. This office is separated from the dining area of the kitchen by a wall, a frame way, a silver metal rug holder strip, and a green carpet. To the left of the dining area is a floor that leads into the laundry room. Upon the actual kitchen floor, is white tile as opposed to the brown tile in the dining area. Then there is a stove, a countertop, a double sink, two cabinets, a window above the double sink, and a dishwasher on the right wall. On the left wall is a cabinet, a counter with drawers, a refrigerator, and a pantry. On the ceiling is an overhang with ten shiny expensive pots hanging off of it, separating the dining area from the actual kitchen and upon the ceiling is a bright double fluorescent light.

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