A Grave Too Small

By Sheila S. Jecks

Copyright 2012 Sheila S. Jecks

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The shadows in the damp churchyard, clutched at the weary little girl. She was so tired of waiting. But she knew she mustn’t give up.

People came and went, they seemed to change and things weren’t familiar anymore.

Few people looked at her now, and when they did, they turned and hurried away.

“I have to find someone to listen to me, please God, let someone pay attention to me soon,” she prayed.

“Please God, please God…”


This is the perfect home, privacy in the middle of the urban sprawl, right on the water and no neighbours.

It’s been three years now, since my husband Jim Fox and I and our three kids moved into this old heritage house at the foot of Gunderson’s Ravine.

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