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The Color Of Things

A Small Story by Michael Hayes

Cover Art by Rohan Hayes

Smashwords Edition

Published by Small Stone Productions

Copyright 2012 Michael Hayes


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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A small stone fell beyond the mountain range—
the valley trembled with fear.
Who dares wake a slumbering monster?
I lifted my head—catching a glimpse
of God’s pale hand descending.
Death’s stare staggered across my bed
as I counted God’s fingers,
the same as mine,
able to make a fist.
“Come God, let us pound the earth
make Death stand still.”
But the stone lay silent—swallowed
by a vast mountain.
“Come God, let us pour wrath upon the valley—
guide my hand in battle.”
But the hand of God was old and tired—
needed elsewhere
to support his weary head

The Color Of Things


Most days start off as normal days. At least that’s what little Lenny Helzerman thinks. He thinks that there aren’t any good or bad days—it’s just the stuff that happens during the day that makes it good or bad or memorable or forgettable. Little Lenny Helzerman doesn’t expect anything more from one day than he does any other day and he doesn’t give anything more to one day than he does any other day. It is all the same. And this suits him just fine.

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