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Everything Solved: The Universe Explained

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

Something Forever?

What are the Fundamentals that are ever what they were?

OK, Stuff Forever… which we might better call Something Forever, for, if ‘stuff’ is sometimes taken to be higher or formed substance, that’s not what is meant by that which is/was forever, as substance comes from, or is, fields/oscillations or at least substance has those in its wave nature, emitting those, which may be called ‘energy’ or ‘unstructured substance’, if energy is taken only as a measure of work.

So, these more basic things are still something, and we want to find out if the something has always been, all on its own, and not just because ‘nothing’ cannot be, maybe, which ‘nothing’ may still be a hint, but ‘nothing’ would still have no primacy, since it is said that ‘it’ isn’t there, plus having no ‘there’ in which to be, and ‘nothing’ is also a negative, for it is only existence that defines what is there, and where ‘there’ is. (but…, well, we will see)

It would be fine to say that there isn’t anything outside existence, since existence is all there is. It is also conceivable to know that a lack of anything would mean no existence, but that didn’t happen, so, for now, we will still look to existence and how it had to be, which, if so, is necessarily ‘forever’ in that it had to have always been the case, if nothing becomes of nothing, causing that notion to be thrown out for now. So, the ‘forever’ aspect seems to be forced, but the extent must be finite, as we will see, and so we’ll have to explain the amount, and not just as “that’s all there is of it”, which is still true, but that there is a ‘why’ and a ‘how’ for the amount of the ‘what’, all of which will become apparent.

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