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Grasshoppers on the Grill

T.J. Seitz

Copyright 2012 by T.J. Seitz

Smashwords Edition

I’ve been thinking a lot about Buddhism lately. One of the Religion’s precepts is to, “do no harm. “ While reviewing my thoughts and actions for a tangible example of harm I may have caused that day I became keenly aware of one instance.

After dinner, as I was closing up the grill for the evening, I noticed a grasshopper on the lid. I impulsively captured the insect with my left hand then brought it inside. Within a minute or two I found one of our five cats then dropped the bug nearby, knowing that the cat would go into a frenzy playing with it and eventually eat it.

The cat batted and jumped at the critter for a while then ate it, just as I suspected it would. It was funny watching the cat, but it later dawned on me that I never considered the grasshopper’s life. I felt guilty and regretted my thoughtlessness after remembering the teaching. My uncompassionate behavior was a very clear illustration for me on how I need to consider all my actions and the associated consequences.

Was my realization a brief moment of enlightenment? I always assumed that enlightening moments were limited to positive experiences but after considering my understanding more I have come to believe that enlightening experiences are ones that reveal the truth and the truth can be both positive AND negative.

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